Friday, July 27, 2018

Would you pay $1000 for water?

A bottle of water a day costs a thousand dollars a year. So why do people do it?

Is it healthier?

Craig Reucassel (War on Waste) took several bottled water brands - and tap water - to the lab. No brand is really any better than tap water, and many are far worse for you.

Does it taste better?

Craig took to the streets to give people a taste test of tap-water (pretending it was bottled water) and people actually said they would switch to that "brand".

Perhaps it's all just a marketing con

The bottled water use nature-sounding words and lots of marketing. Perhaps that's why we buy it. To illustrate the point Craig made this satirical ad for Robinet Water:

Is it more convenient?

It makes it getting it easier. But without a nearby recycle bin it also makes waste easier - and that's not good. It also costs $1000 for that convenience.

Surely given the choice of having your own refillable water bottle or paying $1000 every year, the refillable bottle has to be the winner.

See the whole episode on iView now.

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