Friday, October 12, 2007

Good News Bill

Yep, another electricity bill. Apart from the feelgood factor of funding renewable power through Greenpower, there was another surprise.

Regular readers will know of my fascination for doing maths. So i decided to dig out a bill from two years ago. My power usage has actually decreased quite significantly.

I calculated that if i still used the same amount of electricity as two years ago, my bill would have been $37.56 greater. So even after contributing to greenpower, I still come out in front.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Bright Future for Solar

Among depressing future climate forecasts, and reports of slow-moving governments, it's refreshing to see a good news story.

Solar expert David Mills, and his company Ausra, are making huge breakthroughs in electricity generation, resulting in two US companies announcing a multi-billion dollar expansion of solar power supply.

It seems that both the energy companies, and Dr Mills are confident that it can provide the majority of electricity needs. [full report]

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blue Bag - Green Talk

Recently i scored a climate change freebie - a re-usable shopping bag from the people behind the Change Climate Change campaign.

Tonight at the grocery store i handed the bag to the cashier. He commented "so i guess you walked here tonight". I confirmed this (but forgot to mention that i am going car-free) and he said that it was great i was reducing my carbon footprint. I agreed, and asked what Coles was doing about reducing theirs.

He didn't know, but agreed they should probably do something - given all the trucks travelling around the place. One of the things companies can do is use greenpower. I checked up on the List of Companies that use Greenpower and Coles was not listed. Booo!

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