Wednesday, March 26, 2008

12 hours in 12 mins

One of the things that saves energy, and greenhouse gases, is recycling. For aluminium cans, the energy required to make one from scratch is 20 times the energy used to recycle one. So recycling aluminium is a 95% energy saving.

So today i picked up any aluminium cans i found on my walk - which was 4. The energy saving for 1 can is equivalent to 3 hours of TV use. So my little collection saved the equivalent energy of 12 hours of TV-watching.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Close to Home

Spotted this article in my local paper. Ben worked out that driving through the CBD twice a day was not the most enjoyable thing to do. Smart Ben!

Reminds me of a guy i met when we started our new jobs on the same day. He told me that "they pay the same as the old job, but it's a $50 pay-rise" on the basis that 50 bucks was what he was shelling out in fuel each week. It also means 10 hours he's NOT spending in traffic jams - not to mention the pollution.

It seems so obvious. More free time. Less fuel costs. Less pollution.

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