Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Reducing the Heat

Here in Brisbane summer is officially upon us (though non-locals will say that it's been summer for months). Anyway, as per the email joke "You know it's summer in Australia when..." this is the time of year when hot water comes out of both taps! So i decided to ease off with the amount of energy i use to heat my water.

After all, when it's hot enough to melt a library card left in the car, there's no earthly reason why i need 140 litres of screaming hot water. And in reducing the energy i use, i reduce the production of greenhouses gases. Cool the water, cool the globe.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

One million

Regular readers will know about Energex's earth's choice programme, where customers can choose to purchase electricity from renewable sources, rather than from coal. Judging by these recent ads on the sides of busses - it is having a significant effect.

The other half of the ad (on the bus) is less informative, but does has a cool picture of frogs ;)

Meanwhile, i recently read that if all Australians switched over to renewable energy, Australia's greenhouse emissions would drop by 30%. Wow!

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