Thursday, October 06, 2016

Bad for the planet, bad for your wallet

Divestment Day is this weekend. It's an event where people leave the major banks - who are using our money to fund fossil fuels.

In case climate change is not enough reason to change banks, this data came out recently.

Turns out the the major banks (the'big 4' in Australia) also charge us higher than average rates on home loans.

Perhaps they have to make up for the money they lose by investing in last century's energy sources.

Consumer affairs program The Checkout investigates banks, and finds out that we pay more and get worse service with the big 4.
It was surprising just how much better of we can be with other banks.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The facts - and why they don't matter

The people at It's OK to be smart, have put together this easy-to-watch What you need to know summary of climate science.

It's quite convincing - on a rational level. But then they looked at why facts don't matter to the human brain.

This is more psychology than science, but can help you understand why some just don't get it.

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