Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Bonjour Electric Cars!

A friend emailed me this holiday snap, taken in Nice, France.

electric cars in Nice France

The French on the front "ma voiture electrique en libre service" translates as "my self-service electric car" and is the slogan of autobleue - a car-sharing service based in Nice.

I like this. Electric cars means it possible for them to be zero-emission. Car sharing is a great way to rely on cars less, and reduce ownerships costs. The cars charge-up at the station, so they're always ready-to-go.

Nice work, Nice!

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Enoch Ross said...

Smart cars are the bomb! Look how small that thing is! EVs are so easy to drive and you can park it on small spaces that makes it so cool! Cars in Europe are already small, but this smart car is even smaller!

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