Thursday, September 27, 2012

Click to Save on Hot Water

Electric hot water sucks. (Money that is). But here's your chance to lower your bills (and other people's too).

The old electric systems are cheap to buy, but cost a fortune to run. The ticket price lures us into buying them. Later we suffer the consequences - in the wallet and in greenhouse emissions).

Over time, the old electric system can easily cost $10,000 more than an efficient one. We should stop buying them. When they break, we should upgrade to something better. But of course, not everyone realises this. And landlords don't care, because it's the renter who pays the electricity.

So there's a rule here in Queensland that replacement systems (or systems in new homes) have to be more efficient. Sadly, the government is looking at scrapping that rule, and allowing energy-hungry systems to be installed.

Fortunately, the government is asking our opinion this time. So head to the survey page and let them know that you'd like the rule to remain in place. Hopefully the next home you move into will have a more modern system and you won't have to pay thousands for your hot water.

PS. The cost projections were done on system prices provided by the government, and on this year's electricity prices, allowing for a 8% increase each year (which if anything is possibly underestimating the cost - given recent history)

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