Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Carbon Fast - Action 1

It's day 1 of the Carbon Fast. Today's action was to visit the Footprint Calculator, and get an idea how many Earths would be required if everyone lived like us. The animation makes it more fun than your average quiz.

Turns out that for me, even living quite an eco-friendly life, we'd need 1.6 Earths. The message seems fairly clear. We don't have 1.6 Earths, so we either have to hope the extrememly poor and hungry stay that way so that we rich countries can take more than our share (probably not a great option) or we use our resources less wastefully and more efficiently - so that it's sustainable in the long term.

What was your score? I'd be keen to know how much it varies.

[Day 2 action]


Chrysalis said...

Fun quiz- especially having my own avatar :) My score was 2.2

david said...

Yeah i get the feeling that these are (relatively) good scores. I read a stat somewhere that was around 5. (Although something under 1 would be ideal - obviously).

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