Monday, March 18, 2013

More Bargain LEDs at Aldi

This week Aldi have some bargains on LED lighting. If you haven't yet changed your old-style incandescents, you can pick up one of these LEDs. They're also the same shape as the old ones (if you're not a fan of the CFL 'spiral' look).

LED bulbs - incandescent replacments

As for brightness, the 4W is equivalent to a 25W incandescent bulb. The 6W equal to 35W old-style, and the 8W equal to 48W (note: see the update below). By the way, I calculate switching one 60W old-style to an 800 lumen LED (10W), would save $18.50 in energy each year (assuming 4 hours use per night).

Also, if you've got lamps with small finnecky bulbs that were hard to match in CFL, there are also some LED equivalents for these.

LED bulbs - small incandescent equivalents

As before, these Aldi sales are limited stock, so if you're reading this in April, don't get your hopes up.

UPDATE: By the time i went on saturday, there were no 10W's left in that store - and only a few 8W and 6W. In terms of brightness, LEDs are improving al the time. While these ones were a big bargain at $10.99, for a bit more money you can get even more efficient ones - like a 5W (400 lumens) to replace a 60W bulb, or a 10W (810 lumen) to replace an old 100W bulb.

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