Monday, November 19, 2012

LEDs at Aldi

Chatting to a friend at work, who tells me that he just found some affordable LED downlights to replace the old halogen energy-suckers.

He tells me they're available at Aldi for $7.99, which is a fair bargain. They use just 8 Watts - but do the job of a 50 Watt halogen. Even at just 2 hours use per night, we worked out they pay for themselves in under a year - through electricity savings. And being LEDs, they'll probably last until his pre-school kids have finished high school.

PS. Quick calculation. Over the lifetime stated in the picture (25,000 hours) each LED downlight would save $266 compared to the halogen equivalent. (Not bad for an 8 buck investment.)

UPDATE: If you're looking to replace some halogens with LEDs, i've since discovered a handy LED Savings Calculator.


Stuart McMillen said...

Hey David,

The Aldi deal has now ended. Let me know if you see a similar one in the future. I've moved into a 'modern' house where the architect has decided to put 83 downlights in each room, rather than a single conventional light bulb. Pretty annoying!

david said...

Hi Guys,

Yeah, these kind of deals at Aldi are very much a "while stocks last" deal. They do email out the deals in advance if you're subscribed.

I also hope they last the stated time - at 2 hrs per night that would be to 2046. But even one-tenth of that time would still mean he's tripled his money.

Also, since writing the article, i've come across a handy LED calculator for working out savings.

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