Monday, October 29, 2012

Charging Up The Leaf

Last week i wrote about my ride in a Leaf. Today i'm writing about (or at least showing pictures of) the charging. First is the chargepoint installed in the garage for home charging.

No more visits to the petrol station. No more queueing for fuel. Just charge up from home. In fact, the car can be charged from Rob's phone. (Just like in the ad). The phone display shows the number of kilometres still available and how much charging time is needed for full charge.

Should the situation arise where Rob needs to charge away from home, the Leaf comes with this handy cable - with one very familiar-looking end, and the other end for the car.

I should also mention that Rob is signed up to 100% greenpower, so in addition to not having to buy petrol, his driving is also powered by renewable energy.

He also has the charger connect to an off-peak (economy) tariff which means he gets about a 30% discount for charging in off-peak times (another thing that wouldn't happen with petrol).

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