Monday, October 15, 2012

Bill and Tony in the news

I've written before about the flimsy and misleading attempts to portray a price on carbon polllution as being something bigger than it is. Another such incident happened in the Australian parliament this week. A supporter of the opposition party sent in her bill which was twice the amount of her previous bill.

Without too much checking of the facts, the opposition leader tabled the bill in parliament and attempted to blame the carbon price. Once the bill was tabled, and the government held it up, it was obvious even to the parliament cameras that the person's electricity usage had also doubled in the same period.

It should be fairly obvious that double the usage means double the bill.

The opposition leader was accused of misleading parliament

Surely when attacks on the carbon price have reached this level of desperation, it is time to realise that the impact is not as bad as all the huffing and puffing would have had us believe.

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