Friday, March 04, 2011

What Your Car Really Costs

I was reading Green Is Good, and came across this stat. The cost of running a Hyundai Getz, for 5 years, is $27,518 - not counting purchase price. It seemed a lot (and it is, at $106/week) until i saw the Landcruiser figure at $85,000 ($327/week). Yikes! The info comes from a 2004 study by the NRMA.

Now the NRMA has an online calculator, for you to calculate these costs before making the purchase. In case you're wondering, the Suzuki Alto turns out to be the most economical car to run. Obviously small cars are going to have an advantage over larger ones, but NRMA say that even within the same class of vehicle, runnings costs vary by up to $185/week.

Overall, this is a handy tool to save you money, and also to realise the financial benefits of choosing a more fuel-efficient car. (The Green Vehicle Guide is another). However, for me it just re-emphasised the financial benefits of being car-free, and choosing even greener options of riding a bike, walking and catching public transport.

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