Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Time to Un-invest from Fossil Fuels

May 3 is Divestment Day. People around Australia will be taking their money out of the banks that fund carbon pollution - and putting it into banks that are fossil fuel free.

Divestment day 3 May 2014

Many people have signed up, and it is expected that over $100 million will be moved away from fossil fuels on that day. Check the national guide for where your local event will be. Some locations hold an event on Friday if banks don't open there on the Saturday.

The events are designed to make the banks notice the reason people are taking their money back. After all, the best outcome would be if these banks also stopped funding pollution. Even if you can't make an event, you can still move your money, and let your bank know why.

To help you switch, I've made a list of banks and their current rates. There is also a 5-step guide to switching banks, and template letters to send to your old bank and your new bank.

PS. In making my list of banks and their rates, I also found that switching to a 'cleaner' bank typically also means getting a better interest rate. That's what I call a 'Convenient Solution'. :)

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