Monday, August 20, 2012

"Go Get" Car Share

One of the barriers to better transport choices is the money we tie up in our car. After paying for the car, the registration, insurance etc, we figure "I've paid all this money, I might as well use it". We kind of trick ourselves into driving more than we otherwise would.

One way around this barrier is car sharing. Instead of all the costs of ownership, users pay a monthly fee, and a per-hour charge. That's an incentive to use the car a bit less - and maybe public and active transport a bit more.

One of the businesses that run these is GoGet - which has just opened up in my city of Brisbane. There's just a few cars so far (much more in Melbourne and Sydney) but it will increase over time. As a special offer they're giving $50 credit to Queenslanders signing up during August - just use the promo code QLD 2012.

The above pic is from one of the electric cars in their fleet.

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