Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Moral Climate

Michael Northcott, author of "A Moral Climate" appeared on ABC radio's Sunday Nights.
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He starts out talking about environmental bible history, and then looks to how the kind of society we have reflects our attitudes and morals - including the "moral upside".
"In order for us as a civilisation to pull back from the selfish greed, individualism and consumerism that are driving that destruction, we will need a moral change."
He says people who study happiness have seen no increase since 1972, despite all our 'luxuries'.
"If we consumed less and spent less, we'd have more time to engage in relationships again...
He reminisces about 1972 (when our carbon footprint was more like what it should be) and recounts that
"we had more time for leisure more time to interact with nature, more time for relationships, more time to raise children, and we spent less time making money to buy stuff."
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