Thursday, January 12, 2012

Climate Change Denial

It's clear what the topic of this book is. It analyses denialism of climate change scientifically, politically and psychologically.
This is profoundly ironic because at the same time the evidence has hardened up to a startling degree. And it seems to me that the harder the science becomes, the more people fall into denial because they simply don't want to face the writing that's now on the wall.

The book lists the 4 types of professional denialist (you've probably seen some on tv), the 5 types of argument they give, and numerous examples of how they completely contradict the scientific consensus.

However, amidst all the deceptive claims and completely incorrect statements made by these denialists, there was one intriguing statement:
This irrationality of destructive delusions costs communities dearly.
If it referred to the kind of denial covered in this book, then not a truer word could be spoken.

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