Monday, April 11, 2011

Rally Day

On the weekend i was at the Rally for Climate Action. It was a positive and pleasant atmosphere. There was a live band playing, and kids were queueing up for face-painting. Here were my top three photos.

"Planet B" was my fave photo. Apart from winning the stating-the-obvious prize, this girl was carrying a sign almost as tall as herself. That's a big effort!
(Though, sadly, it's difficult for a primary schooler to get her sign seen above the crowd, but those of us nearby appreciated it :)

This second one got in a few news photos and footage for its wittiness. Strangely there are some who still think scientists are wrong. Just as for many years some still thought the earth was flat - despite pictures of the earth from the moon.

But this third one was my favourite sign - for cutting to the heart of the matter. I find that when you dig down deep, most objections to climate action are grounded in fear of anything new or different. But we needn't be afraid. We can be intelligent and compassionate instead.

ps. there are also some good photos by John Cook]


Anonymous said...

A very eloquent argument! People are funny that way: we drag our feet and whinge at any talk of change. Then once things are changed, we rave about how clever we are, how this was the greatest idea ever, and how life is so much better now.

david said...

Hi Anonymous,
Well said. You're spot on. It's just a matter of making sure we have the courage to take that step.

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