Monday, January 18, 2010

Mark Lynas - Quotes

I was re-listening to ABC's Science Show which interviewed British climate change author Mark Lynas. He has a great way of summing up the situation in a few quick sentences. About Australia:

Australia is a case in point of a country that could transform itself onto solar power - in the blink of an eye, essentially. It's got huge areas of landmass which are essentially unproductive for agricultural pruposes and have wall to wall sunshine for most of the year and they're just lying bone idle - and yet you're busy burning coal. I mean nothing could be more insane.

And about the climate change situation in general:

It's not as if we're completely stupid. I mean we have all these scientists out there telling us what we need to do. We have all these sociologists and politicians who know how to do it. And yet somehow we're still staring at the headlights like a startled rabbit.

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