Monday, April 14, 2014

Who do I suggest?

Recently a number of people have been telling me they are looking at solar and asking things like "Any suggestions as to which companies to look at?" So here's what I've been saying.

Ingenero do solar panel leasing. As the up-front cost of panels is a psychological barrier to people, they lease solar panels to you. They design it so the savings you make are more than the lease payments. They are also the people behind the EveryRooftop initiative.

The Solar Guys seem to be at the leading edge. They have started promoting solar-battery combinations, so that the excess power you produce during the day can be stored for your use that night (saving you 30c/kWh) rather than getting fed into the grid for something around 8c/kWh (depending on your energy company).

Energy Matters seem to really have their heart in it. Their newsletter features renewable energy news from around the world, and a forum for people to discuss energy topics. For the tech-lovers, part of their process is to do an instant initial assessment by checking out your roof on Google Maps (for roof space, orientation etc). They have also featured on my blog with How Sunny Is Your City? and Solar Increases Home Value.

Local Power are, not surprisingly, Brisbane people. I personally know one of their main guys (Rob) and respect his integrity and energy knowledge. He also owns a Nissan Leaf which I have had a ride in.

PS. This is not an exhaustive list. If you are looking at someone else, they might also be great. These are just the ones that I feel I know enough about to put them on my suggestion list. One of my friends who asked me for suggestions, ended up going with another company recommended by his Dad.

UPDATE: I have since found out that Ingenero and the Solar Guys have closed. But there are still other good companies helping people save heaps on electricity.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave I would add positronic solar to this list. They have been around for 20+ years and I have used them :)

david said...

Glad to hear it. As I mentioned above, I'm sure there are plenty of great companies out there. Thanks for the contribution to the list.

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