Thursday, April 17, 2014

LEDs at Aldi

Once again, Aldi have some low-price LEDs for sale. For $7.99 there are halogen-style replacements, and 'mini-bulbs' with the smaller base. For $10.99, there are the normal bulb-style replacements.

The two great things about this is (1) They are dimmable, for those who have had troubles with CFLs on dimmer switches, and (2) they now go up to 1055 lumens - which is about 75W in the old language (as per Aldi's conversion chart below). The other two pictured appear to be about 40 and 60W, so they've covered a fair range of brightnesses.

As per usual with Aldi, these are 'while stocks last', so you'll probably want to get in on Saturday before they're all gone.

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