Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Social Media Disaster

Apparently, the coal industry found out about social media. Their hashtag #Australiansforcoal was meant to allow the so-called "silent majority" to voice their loving support for coal. Unsurprisingly, that's not what happened.

Instead the hashtag was flooded with satirical posts by people saying why they are NOT for coal. The Guardian report contains some of the smartest posts, while Buzzfeed did 23 Reasons - an illustrated list of the funnier tweets.

Both articles provide a few chuckles, but two of my faves were:
"Because #australiansforcoal scans better than #minersshippingprofitsoffshorewhileheatingtheplanetandgivingaustraliaworsebushfiresmoreoften"
"because our kids deserve the best bushfires, droughts, and cyclones money can buy" - which was accompanied by the above photo.

For readers outside Australia, the references to Mordor relate to the coal mine just outside the Australian town of Morwell. It caught fire for about a month, and caused unprecedented air pollution causing evacuation of the town.

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