Tuesday, December 18, 2018

How to cancel the phone book

This weekend phone books arrived on our doorstep. Nearly 800 pages of info we'll never use nor need. Thumbs down for pointless waste.

Thumbs down to phone books. Here's how to cancel your phone book delivery.

To add a little more pain they wrapped all the books for our apartment building in shrink wrap. Aaagh!

You can avoid this happening to you, and eliminate waste at the same time. Go to Directory Select.

Enter your street address to see the phone books you are currently set to receive. Highlight the ones you wish to cancel, tick the box and click to cancel. It's really as easy as that.

PS. I was amused that the cover shot shows that computers exist (and that therefore phone books don't need to). It could only be be more ironic if the screen showed the Google homepage. ;)

Friday, December 07, 2018

Schoolkids Strike: my favourite photos

Last Friday schoolkids around Australia had a half-day strike to protest the lack of climate action by the federal government.

It drew a predictable response (not a listening one) from some government politicians - well summed up in this cartoon by Kathy Wilcox.

Some signs pointed out the irony of the reaction. For example, "If you were smart we'd be in class".

Others pointed out the value of activism:

Or asked why bother going to school if knowledge is rejected by government:

While others tried to appeal the better nature of politicians and think of those who will be left to deal with climate change long after today's politicians have all gone.

In the background a smaller girl is holding a well-coloured-in sign "Don't Burn Our Future. No New Coal"

But this one's my pick for the cutest.

This Saturday it's everybody's turn. If you're in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, join in the "March for our Future". It's not just the kids whose futures are at stake.

PS. Just found another great one:

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