Monday, December 03, 2012

Electricity Refunds Every Quarter

Friend of mine at work says to me "It's a good day for solar". That's a bit of clue that someone has recently installed solar panels at home. Non-solar people often just say 'a nice sunny day'. :)

His recent electricity "bill" had $220 of usage and $450 credit for the solar power he exported. He was quite excited in telling me this - as i would be if the electricity company was giving me a few hundred dollars each quarter.

He graphs his solar output on, but with no autologger - it's just the days he manually notes down the reading. It's looking good though - especially through spring.

PS. yes this is the same friend who picked up the bargain LEDs

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Laura said...

Hmm, rhetorical question: Why doesn't commercial news have a story on this? Forget the carbon tax complaints!