Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Soft" plastics now recyclable

Recycling is great for plastic bottles and containers. But what about worn out green bags, bread bags - and other "soft plastics"? Now you can take them back to the supermarket.

Coles is expanding it's plastic shopping bag recycling program (in selected stores) to include the reusable 'green' bags, fruit and vegie bags, bread bags, biscuit packaging, confectionary packaging, rice and pasta packets and frozen food bags.

Check the map to see if your local Coles is involved. If not, maybe ask them why not.

Even if you prefer not to shop at Coles (and i can understand why) you can still use them to recycle your plastics for you.

PS. For recycling nerds, this is technically downcycling, as the used products aren't made into the same type of product again, but instead mostly into outdoor furniture (see examples). This is still good. It prevents the material from going to landfill, and conserves other resources that would have been used to construct those items.

UPDATE: Here is the illustrated guide to what plastics you can put in these bins.

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