Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bad Decision, Referee

Sometimes being right is not enjoyable. 3 months ago i encouraged you to let the government know your thoughts on removing efficiency standards for hot water.

Now the government has announced that for both new homes and for replacement systems, the standards will fall. Ironically pitched as helping 'housing affordability' the tiny upfront saving is lost several times over - during the life of the system.

graphic of the running cost of different hot water systems

So who loses? Ordinary people who aren't aware of the running cost and are lured in to a cheap purchase price. Renters who have to pay the bills for whatever system the landlords install. The planet - as most of Queensland's electricity comes from coal, there will be millions of tonnes of emissions produced for no reason.

Who wins? Landlords who can save a few bucks, by forcing their tenants to pay significantly higher electricity bills.

PS. The 'housing minister' turns out to be former NRL referee Tim Mander. Despite many years of watching football, i've never disagreed with one of his decisions more than this one.

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