Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Save Energy & Cut Your Bills

Author Nick White identifies three things stopping us from saving energy - either we don't know how; we think it's too expensive; or we think it's too much effort. He deals with all three of these in his book, by showing how much we can save from relatively easy changes.

His ideas come in three flavours - no-cost (turning things off and eliminating standby power), low-cost (efficient light bulbs etc) and investment (insulation, solar panels) and he is proud to announce that his last electricity bill was just 15 pounds for the quarter.

For the reader in a hurry, the book has three summaries at the very start - a 1-minute, 5-minute and 10-minute version. (That's short enough to read in the aisle of book store!) Also at the end of each chapter there's a quick list of "10 Things to Remember" that sums up the contents of that chapter.

Again, this is a British publication, so possibly some of the really specific information might be different in your area. But this is still a useful book, and can help you do just what the title says - save energy and cut your bills.

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