Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Carbon Pollution - What Australia Thinks

There's been some bizarre talk this week about a national plebiscite to determine whether Australians are in favour of a price on pollution. But it seems the Green Party are ahead of the game on finding out what Australia thinks, by comissioning an independent poll.

Turns out that 58% think taxing the big polluters is the best way to reduce pollution. 66% of people support a price on carbon (if compensation and renewable energy are funded from it), and 84% think the subsidies for fossil fuels companies should be re-directed to renewable energy.

That last result sounds very similar to the 87% that want carbon price revenue spent on renewables
(ps. Apologies to European readers. Yes, here in Australia we are still discussing initiating a price on pollution. I understand you decided this way back in 2003. Please be patient with us while we catch up.)

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