Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good News - Solar 2010

To balance out the slightly depressing graph of yesterday, here is a nice optimistic piece from the report PV in Australia 2010. It shows the total amount of solar panels installed at the end of each year (from 1992 to 2010).

As you can see, by Dec 31 2010, we had 3 times as many panels as we did just one year earlier. In other words - if you add up all the solar panels Australia has ever put up in our entire history (to 2009); then double it; that's how many panels were installed during 2010.

That has to be encouraging! :)
ps. part of the reason is probably that solar is getting cheap fast.
pps. the green section is ordinary households putting panels on their roof. They have an even more amazing increase - almost 5 times more panels!

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