Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Climate Committee Contacts

Politicians often cop flack for doing stupid things, so i figure it's only fair that i should encourage them for doing good stuff - like putting a price on pollution. If you want to join me, here are the details for the Climate Change Committee:

Greg Combet, Climate Change Minister (02) 4954 2611

Tony Windsor, Independent (02) 6761 3080

Rob Oakeshott, Independent (02) 6584 2911

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister (03) 9742 5800 contact form

Wayne Swan, Treasurer (07) 3266 8244

Christine Milne, Australian Greens (03) 6224 8899

Bob Brown, Australian Greens (03) 6224 3222

I read that Tony Windsor wants the revenue spent on things like R&D and renewable energy and R&D (as do 87% of Australians). I'm going to send him a "good on ya" email, because i'm sure he'll be getting a lot of the opposite type from polluters who would like that money to line their own pockets.

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