Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Australia in Eurovision?

After yesterday's post about Eurovision, I wondered how my own country (Australia) might fare - up against the European countries. In a song contest, we'll never know. But if it was a pollution contest, there'd be a clear winner.

Australia would out-pollute any of the countries in the Eurovision final by at least 10 tonnes per person. The next highest is Ireland. To get to their level, Australia would have to reduce pollution by 38%.

The average of these European nations is about 9.2 (66% under Australia), the Eurovision winner, Azerbaijan, is at 5.6 (79% under) and the least polluting is Georgia at 2.0 - 93% less pollution than Australia. In other words, it would take 14 Georgians to produce the pollution of 1 Australian.

Australia's government does have (modest) reduction targets. On current policy, by 2050 we should catch up to where Ukraine is now. Kinda sad really. Fortunately, Eurovision cheers me up :)

[data source: here]

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