Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UK Pledges 50%

Amongst all yesterday's action, was the 7.30 interview where Tim Flannery mentioned Britain pledging to reduce emissions by 50% by 2025.

Chris Huhne (Energy and Climate Change) remarked that Britain will "transformed for the better". By "competing with the world, the UK can prove that there need not be a tension between green and growth" added Prime Minister David Cameron.

Apart from being a great announcement for the planet, it once again shows that (i) reducing emissions can be great for the economy (Britain has already discovered this and wants more of the same), and (ii) Australia is by no means "leading the world" with it's paltry target of a 5% reduction by 2020.

(And yes, as an Australian sports fan, it also irks me to be beaten by Britain at anything ;)

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