Wednesday, August 01, 2018

When does your country overshoot?

If you spend your whole year's income in 7 months, that's not good. That's what we're doing to the Earth.

Today (1 August 2018) is Earth Overshoot Day. Already this year we've used up a year's worth of natural resources.

Clearly, we can't keep going like this - unless we have a second Earth to farm, fish, pollute and dump our waste on. One Earth just can't handle all we're doing.

Australia really bad

Worse still is that countries like mine are chewing through resources even more recklessly. If everyone behaved like Australia, Earth Overshoot Day would be 31 March. That means we'd need four Earths!

How does you country compare?

Here's where that day falls for other countries. See if you can find your country. If it's not there then your country is being responsible. (Click for a larger image).

Let's not wait until it's too late

It really is like we're spending more every year than we earn. Do we have to wait until our savings have all disappeared? Hopefully we take action earlier than that - and have a long-term future on the one Earth we do have.

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