Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Cut food waste. Give scraps to a neighbour.

60% of our bin contents is organic waste - according to War on Waste. Some of that is garden waste. About 31% is food waste says my local council.

One massive thing we can do to reduce food waste is to compost our food scraps.

But we don't all have compost

Many of us live in apartments, or just aren't into composting and gardening. We need another option.

That's where ShareWaste comes in. If you've got food scraps you can find a compost person in your neighbourhood. If you do compost you can put yourself on the map to get extra organic waste from local people. What a great idea!

Screenshot of the Share Waste website where you can connect with neighbours to compost your food waste

The first in your suburb?

If there isn't anyone close to you on the map, still sign up. This is quite new - and still growing.

You can register to be alerted when there is someone new near you. Also, you can share this post so that more people find out about it.

Food recycling?

This is an unusual but effective form of recycling. The nutrients in our food scraps can help fertilise more food to be grown. Or maybe flowers. Either way, at least it's not being wasted.

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