Thursday, November 13, 2014

USA and China lead the way

The USA and China have announced their biggest climate change deal.

This agreement reduces carbon pollution by the equivalent of the entire world's emissions from 1990-2013.

Australia's position, coming into the G20 meeting is best summed up by this cartoon.

David Pope's cartoon showing China and the US working on climate change solutions with Australia represented as a child playing off to one side.

Or maybe this cartoon of the G20.

And while the future commitments are great, China is already doing some amazing things. The Climate Council posted this summary before the announcement.

Infographic of China's carbon reduction achievements

It's an impressive set of statistics:
  • 1st in renewable energy capacity and investment
  • 2.6 million jobs in renewable energy
  • in 5 years have shut down more coal power than exists in Australia

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