Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Here are the Banned Ads

Australia hosts the G20 next week, and has tried to exclude climate change talks from this year's meeting.

Some non-profit groups got together to put these messages on billboards around the airport. But the airport (whose chairman is also a coal company board member) said no.

Fireman: action on climate change is on my agenda

This man, Dean McNulty, represents the firefighters who put their life on the line more frequently as bushfires become more severe with increased heat.

Farmer: action on climate change is on my agenda

This man, David Bruer, lost $25,000 worth of grapes when a 46°C day hit his vineyard.

The On My Agenda website encourages people to tweet the world leaders to encourage them to talk about climate change even if the Australian government wants to avoid the topic.

Of course, you can also share the images above. Brisbane Airport can't censor your internet.

PS. The hypocrisy of Brisbane Airport has been exposed, as they have allowed mining and oil companies to display political ads, but deem the climate change ones inappropriate, because they are 'political'.

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