Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home Solar Incentive Slashed

Once more the state government here in Queensland has taken action to slow down the progress of solar energy. Except this one was predicted by me.

The Solar Bonus Scheme has paid 44 cents/kWh for surplus energy generated by households from their solar panels - rewarding people not just for getting solar panels, but for being more energy efficient.

Having promised during the election to keep the scheme, the new government technically kept their promise by reducing the 44c to 8c - less than price households pay for electricity.

CEO of the Clean Energy Council says analysis shows this will cost 4500 jobs (out of 11,000 in the industry). Climate Spectator calculates that move (touted as a cost saver) will reduce electricity prices by 0.2%, and that it's more about "being seen" to do something.

Householders have until midnight July 9 to register under the previous (more rewarding) scheme.
Meanwhile in opposite news Japan is introducing a feed-in tariff equivalent to 53 cents Australian. This is predicted to boost Japan to be the 2nd largest PV market in the world.

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Solar Company NJ said...

A whole 0.2%! Fantastic! (sarcasm) get a solar installation and you won't even have to think about a 'bill' every month.

-Sharone Tal

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