A Message for Queenslanders

Recently i mentioned a friend hesitating about solar panels. It's difficult to go into detail as we 'plated up' our bbq dinner, so i put it in an email. It might also be relevant for you, so here's a copy:
Hello [friend],

Here is some more detailed information (and links) on why i think solar is still a good thing for you to do - particularly now.

Yes the Australian government rebate was reduced on July 1 last year. But it will also be reduced this July 1. So the current rebate is the biggest you're going to get (unless you have a time machine :). The more you delay, the smaller ther rebate gets (and the more solar energy you miss out on in the meantime)

Feed-in tariff:
Excess electricity you produce from solar panels currently gets paid at a rate of 44c/kWh by Queensland law (and some energy companies are even more generous). This bonus price is apparently locked in until 2028 for people who join the Solar Bonus Scheme. There's talk that the upcoming expected change of state government will soon see this program closed to any new applicants (though existing subscribers will still have their deal honoured). I see this as another reason not to hesitate too much.

Investment value:
As far as investment goes, i still can't find anything that beats solar panels. I did some calculations and figured that they are the equivalent of a 27% bank investment (taking tax into account).

House value:
Yes, you might move house one day. First, your solar may have paid itself off by then. Second, renters/buyers pay more for a house that has free electricity. A study of 72,000 homes in the US, and found that not only did the house value increase, but it increased by even more than the cost of the panels. (Presumably because the new owner is paying more to not have to do the legwork of getting them installed.)

Hope that helps you.

ps. i'm not trying to be pushy, but if you're thinking of doing it, i'd rather you do it soon, rather than in the future have you regret 'missing out'.

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