Thursday, May 24, 2012

Qld Government Scraps Solar Farm

The Queensland government has pulled funding for a solar farm in the state's northwest to save money.

That was the news today. Another example of saving a tiny amount of money at the expense of a really good initiative. Probably the best description i saw was on facebook:

Roll up, roll up - calling all positive, worthwhile, and meaningful programs, initiatives and social institutions. Here's your chance to be spectacularly axed.

By my count that's the fourth painfully unintelligent energy-related decision made by this new government. (Here are the links to one, two and three.)

I'm finding it really annoying the way each decision is pitched as "saving money" in order to sound responsible. But it's kind of like not showing up to a job interview, and claiming it was a wise decision because it saved a bus fare.

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