Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Billions are bigger than millions

Prior to the recent state election, some were questioning the finances of the incoming government. The cost of the promises exceeded revenue - by about 4 billion. So where was it going to come from?

Since then we've started to find out. $75 million was taken away from a ground-breaking solar project. A further $270 million will be taken away by dismantling the current climate change programs. (It's the kind of thing a party admits only 1 day before the election to minimise coverage)

Now, all of these amounts sound big - until they are compared with 4 billion.

Here's a solution - how about cutting the 7 billion in subsidies to fossil fuels. They've been going for a long time - surely they should be able to survive on their own two feet by now. It would save much more money, and we wouldn't have to sell our future to do it.

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