Thursday, July 26, 2018

The biggest footprint I've ever seen

The War on Waste is back for a second series and this week they made a giant footprint from 1 tonne of plastic waste (in plastic bags).

Australia generates 666,000 tonnes of plastic waste a year - so this footprint is what we generate every minute (or 47 seconds to be precise).

For scale, that little thing in front of the big toe is a person.

They literally emptied a truck of these plastic bags onto the beach to visualise what 1 tonne of plastic waste looks like.

It's so much that it didn't even fit in the giant footprint - they had to pile it up.

While it took a few people quite a while to set it up, we generate this amount in under a minute. We've probably generated another footprint just while you've been reading this post.

To see it like this really is quite stunning. Surely we can get more of this recycled.

See the whole episode on iView now.

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