Friday, July 20, 2018

Re-usable bag from an old T-shirt (no sewing)

Reusable bags are great. Even better if they're unique. Here's one way to MacGyver yourself a unique reusable bag - and hold on to a fave T-shirt for a little bit longer.

Grab an old T-shirt that you like, but has been retired from public wearing. After 10 years, my New York one is a great example.

Take out the arms and the neck area. For speed, just cut along the inside of the seams. Or you can use a plate to trace a nice round curve. Up to you. You can always cut more off later, if you want to adjust the shape.

Now let's seal up the bottom. Turn it inside out. Decide how deep you want your bag to be and draw a marker line there. Cut slits up to that line. I did them about 1.5 - 2 cm apart, but it's up to you.

Tie each pair of strips together. Now you have a bunch of knots across the bottom with tiny holes in-between.

To strengthen the bag, and seal up those small holes, tie together a strand from knot 1 and a strand from knot 2. Keep going for knots 2 and 3, knots 3 and 4 etc. Now you've got a completed bag - but with a large fringe.

Cut off the excess strands and turn the bag back to the right way out. The bottom should look something like this.

Now you're ready to go. Mine turned out a little smaller than I thought - I cut the slits quite long. But this size is great for picking up a couple of things from the shops, and those other times you just need to carry a few items.

So there you go. That's how you can turn a T-shirt into a reusable bag with just a pair of scissors and a marker pen.

PS. If you like the fringe at the bottom - or you're making something for Country & Western Week - then ignore the bit about turning it inside out before cutting the slits, and just stop once you've tied all the knots.

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