Friday, September 30, 2016

Sunfunder Update

A while ago I told the story of Sunfunder, the crowd-funding website that's reducing emissions and poverty) in Africa.

The mixed news today is that they're closing the program. Why mixed? It's kind of sad that they won't be doing anymore crowdfunding projects. But the reason is great. Crowdfunding is great for medium size amounts, but not so great for enormous amounts of funding. The projects they are doing now are so big and happening so quickly that crowdfunding just takes too long. They have big sponsors now who can lend large amounts very quickly.

So what happens to the small amount I lent? They gave me the option of getting my money out, or donating it. I decided to donate it to the non-profit Solar Sister who do similar work.

So long SunFunder, it was great to be part of it.

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