Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No Winter Olympics for Australia

Australia isn't always thought of as a snowy place, but it is. In some places. At least for now.

A report by the Climate Institute reminds us the Australian Alps could lose 60% of their snow by 2020, and have almost no snow by 2050.

Apart from the loss to the economy and tourism, it may also mean that it's impossible for Australia to ever host the Games - or even for Australian athletes to train at home for future events.

Australia to lost 60% of snow by 2020, almost no snow by 2050, costing 1.8 bilion dollars and 18,000 tourism jobs

The Climate Institute also points out, that by later this century only 6 of the 19 Winter Olympic host cities would still be able to host another Games.

I guess this is part of the reason 105 Olympic athletes signed a petition for action on climate change. They don't want to lose their sport.

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