Friday, February 07, 2014

Calculators and Turnips - We should think differently

Loved this video by Hank. In his own weird way, he makes some very good points.

For some reason, we like get confused between what's happening globally (continual temperature rise) and what's happening in our local area on this particular day (like a polar vortex).

As Hank puts it, saying "It's cold here, that means global warming doesn't exist" is like saying "I have a calculator, which is proof that Jean-Claude Van Damme eats turnips". The two things just aren't related.

A couple more degrees of warmth we don't really notice personally. We may just put a fan on. But the amount of energy involved to heat the whole globe by 2 degrees is massive - and it's that energy that drives extreme weather events, and other disasters.

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