Thursday, February 21, 2013

Should Christians Care?

John Dickson, head of the Centre for Public Christianity was on QandA this week. His thoughts on climate change were both sensible and great to hear.

picture of the panel from this week's Q and A

Asked if Christians have a special responsibility to respond to climate change, he replied:

So, yes, we have a deep responsibility. I mean there are some very deep ideas driving Christian response to climate change. It’s the science, we’re schooled by the scientist and then the Christian sits there thinking, "This creation is actually a creation; an intended, beautiful work of art and humanity is here to care for it".

And more than that, that we are here to care for our neighbours, especially the neighbours that are going to feel the effects of climate change more than most; poorer communities. So there is, I would just say, a deeper or added dimension to the Christian care of the earth.

Another panelist argued that we all have responsibility - Christian or not.

I can see both points of view. What do you think?

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