Thursday, February 28, 2013

2012-2013 Australian Heatwave Records

Today is officially the last day of summer in Australia. So i'm fairly these are the final results from what was Australia's biggest heatwave.

Brisbane 37.9 (100F) Sydney 45.8 (114F)
Melbourne 41.5 (107F) Canberra 42.0 (108F)
Hobart 41.8 (107F) Adelaide 45.0 (113F)
Perth 42.2 (108F) Darwin 36.3 (97 F)

Even flooding rains, didn't stop January being Australia's hottest month ever.

The rural areas were even hotter than the capitals (so hot we had to extend the scale. But imagine these temperatures with another 4-6°C (7-11 F) on top.

Sydney's top 45.8 would become up to 51.8C (125F).

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