Tuesday, March 08, 2011

e2 Transport

Similar to e2 Design and e2 Energy, this series of 6 episodes, narrated by Brad Pitt, looks at the way we get around. The examples show how designing with the environment in mind increases quality of life.

In London, charging a congestion tax on vehicles entering the city centre provided funding for public transport and reduced road congestion.

The Paris bike-share scheme helps people get around the city centre without clogging up the roads with cars - and has increased the popularity of bicycles. Seoul replaced some road with a park and a stream without increasing traffic congestion.

Portland revived the city - making it more liveable, more environmental, and improved the economy, by doing "a hundred little things that implement common sense policy". They insist there's nothing unique about Portland, other than taking the initiative, and they say to other cities "We tried this a bit earlier. It seems to be working. Why don't you try it too?"

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