Thursday, March 17, 2011

Climate Advocacy Fund

Do you have superannuation? Then you can make a positive difference to Australia's biggest companies. It can happen through Australian Ethical, who have started up a Climate Advocacy Fund.

As individuals, we don't have much say in big companies, but here in Australia, shareholders can put a resolution to a company's Annual General Meeting - if there are 100 shareholders behind it - and they own a certain number of shares.

The Climate Advocacy Fund already has the 100 investors, but the more people that invest in it, the more companies they can buy into and improve. So far they've already had some success with getting some major companies to pick up their game.

As my friend pointed out to me - "It's great - you can help make the world a better place without actually having to do anything". Now that's a Convenient Solution!
ps. I'm not an financial expert, this is not financial advice. i'm just letting you know that this thing exists.

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