Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Climate Smart Meter

Sometimes we take things for granted. I met some NSW people last week, who wished their state had something like the Climate Smart Home program. One of the reasons is this great little energy meter, that can tell you how much power you are using at any moment. (It can also has a money mode and a greenhouse gas mode.)

Apart from the meter, the deal includes free energy efficient light bulbs, and a water efficient showerhead. And if you live in Brisbane, the city council will reimburse you the 50 dollars.


Shelagh said...

That is awesome!!

Does seeing how much energy you're using or saving make a difference in the way you use energy?

It reminds me of the finding in psychology that when you ask people to record how much TV they watch or junkfood they eat, they automatically start to watch less and eat less, just by being aware of it all the time.

david said...

Yes Shelagh, there is that effect. I find myself playing the game of "make the meter go to zero" before i go to bed.

Najma Khalid said...

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